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ODT Arts Education, comprises of ODT Arts Faculty and Arts4yoUths, provides leadership and niche capabilities towards excellence in arts and dance education. It aims to unleash the potential of one’s arts to being fundamentally instrumental as vehicles of knowledge. ODT Arts Education programmes are integral to life where function, creation and learning are intertwined through the methods of learning different disciplines.


“We found in Odyssey Dance Theatre a partner with a keen passion to work with our students and at the same time with a goal to develop the Arts scene in Singapore… For both ODT and AES, this partnership required a ‘Leap of Faith’ and as we look back, we know we had made the right decision.”
Mr Benedict Keh, Former Principal, Assumption English School
“We at NAFA applaud ODT’s effort in developing young creative talents…”
Mr Chia Mia Chiang, President, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
“I would also like to express my appreciation to ODT for developing and supporting young creative talents…”
Mr Choo Thiam Siew, Former President, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
“This year under the guidance of our Artistic Director, Dr Danny Tan, the students (Metta School) have gained new experience of different performing arts group as they collaborate with each other to bring about an inspiring integrated performance.” (2017)
Mdm So Kah Lay, Principal, Metta School


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