With the resources and expertise accumulated over the years, ODT Arts Education is able to effectively customised to the needs of its clients and students with its diversified programmes through various modes of delivery.

Taught by a team of prominent and dedicated educators who are well-versed in the attributes of the local and international educational system.

The International Training Programmes are targeted for  dance practitioners and teachers to build a professional network whilst exchanging international contacts and experiences simultaneously. These programmes aim to gather dancers & choreographers, educators & teachers facilitating international creative exchange in knowledge.  Participants will learn to embody cultural diversity and range of informed knowledge through masterclasses and workshops.
The Local Training Programmes are customised programmes specially tailored to meet institution’s requirements. Programmes are well designed with diverse methodology and pedagodgy attempting to raise the arts knowledge of school teachers and leaders.
The TALENT EXCELLENCE TRAINING PROGRAMME, is a 30 week progressive training programme that aims to provide a systematic and comprehensive approach to professional dance learning and training targeted towards aspiring youth. Talented youth with potential to contribute to the arts are offered scholarships which include consistent training in dance technique – contemporary, ballet, dance electives, repertoire and choreographic sessions.
Conducted as part of the school’s curriculum, it caters elective programmes for school students as part of their aesthetic and dance learning. A customised programme for schools that would like to introduce dance and movement to pupils as a niche programme. Alongside with their academic curriculum in school, pupils will be exposed to creative learning via dance and movements that will enable them to relate to their academic studies more effectively.
A series of intensive programmes that aim to provide dance students with a better understanding of dance, with special focus on Ballet, Body Conditioning, Contemporary Dance, Choreographic devices, Seminars, Performance, and Creative workshops based on the philosophies of various prominent choreographers. Reinforcing the integral nature of dance and movements in both school and life, these progressive dance modules aims to facilitate accelerated learning by the participants. With main facilitation by our Artistic Director – Dr. Danny Tan, these dance modules will also be conducted by practising dance educators and invited artistes from Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd.
A special workshop or lectures designed for a specific target group of participants – such as young children, youths and/or adults.